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 Cedar Strip Canoes and Canoe Kits

   For centuries boat builders have chosen ash and cedars and with good reason.  Yes, you can use a less expensive or more exotic wood, but chances are it contains too much resin, is more brittle to work with,  you'll end up building a lead-heavy canoe or it bucks tradition.  Flambeau Canoes take these two traditional woods and apply modern woodworking technologies to strengthen and lighten a traditional canoe.  We offer finished or kit canoes that are designed to be built in two weekends so you won't need to take over your garage or basement for months on end.  Of course, if you want us to craft a custom version we'd be more than happy to build one to your design specifications.

  Our claim to fame is old world design and woods with new world applications and coatings: Here is our list of 7 features that make crafting a heirloom canoe as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. No need for expensive power or hand tools (table saw, band saw, jointer, plainer, belt or disk sander, unnecessary).
  2. Ribs are pre bent which requires no steam box assembly or bending.  Ribs reinforced to 1800+ lbf tensile strength with Kevlar or Mule Tape.
  3. Cedar strips are pre-glued, pre-sanded with heat activated bonding allowing for precise waterproof joints.
  4. Save 100's of hours by not having to secure single strips to jig with glue, clamps, nails or staples and then avoid pulling nails, staples, screws, filling, scraping and extensive sanding. 
  5. High performance fabric and coating system dries in hours, not weeks or months and without harmful epoxy fumes with superior strength and smoothness.
  6. Our skeleton system is assembled on one 2X6X10 and one 2X8X10 (you supply) saving weeks building a strong back or canoe form.
  7. Designed to be built like a kids model airplane.  Step-by-step instruction book and DVD included.

Flambeau Canoe cuts and stocks canoe ready strips and ribs so you can start building next weekend, with standard shipping across the US and Canada.  There are three basic options we offer;  Display Canoes (destine for cabin rafters), Canvas Covered Strip Canoes and Classic Indian Style Cedar Strip Canoes.  These can be ordered as kits with optional accent strips, wood etched logos or choice of paint colors or custom built to your specification to be picked up or delivered complete. 

We have 1 mile of private river access if you would like to take a canoe out on a spin, or enjoy one of our canoe events with picnic or campsite facilities onsite.   Enjoy the dream of owning a self built cedar strip canoe heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation or sold at a premium price to someone who appreciates a hand crafted cedar canoe.


Flambeau Canoe
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